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april 14, 2024

i added a page for my dvd collection! i'm moving soon, and realized i don't have very many while i was packing them up lol. i realize that while i like collecting things, for some collections i prefer for them to be kinda modest they don't even take up a whole shelf
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february 12, 2024

updated my 2024 scrapbook! i got a little behind on that lol i also got a question and responded to it on the q&a!
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january 12, 2024

added 32 fonts to the pixel fonts page! also added a few links to the button wall, along with some new faves!
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january 6, 2024

phew! i tweaked a number of pages. turns out i'd forgotten to include my final home screen of 2023 on that scrapbook, so i added that. then i uploaded my 2024 scrapbook, although it's pretty empty right now i updated the song on the me page, which means i added the old one to the past page. while i was there i also tweaked my bio a little bit
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december 31, 2023

happy new year everyone!

my scrapbook is finished for the year!

december 24, 2023

merry christmas everybody!

added some links to the button wall, and updated the credits page

december 22, 2023

i added a recommendations page, and recs for stardew valley mods and sims 4 cc!

december 06, 2023

i'd been on a hiatus for a while, and that may continue (not entirely sure.) in the meantime, i switched from cbox to shoutbox because it's far more customizable for free. i also tweaked this updates page since it's larger. we've now got lots of cute custom emotes, babey!

october 26, 2023

updated the notes page!

october 18, 2023

somehow i had a link to a diys page from my thrifting finds page, and then i just... forgot to link it on the main me page. whoops. there's a proper link to it now. it's technically not new but it is now linked 😅

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