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october 15, 2023

so my nail polish purge was desperately needed... because i just added 8 bottles 😔 it was brought to my attention that a link to a swatch on my polish collection page was broken, so i thoroughly inspected every link and wow, so many were broken. they should all be fixed now! i also updated my scrapbook

i realized the coding snippets page had some errors on it as well, so that's fixed! while i was editing that page i added how to add a background to text spans! and finally, i added several links to the button wall!
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october 09, 2023

i found out my updates script has an rss feature! if you're interested in following this site's updates as an rss feed, check it out here!
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october 06, 2023

updated my scrapbook!
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october 05, 2023

interesting update to my nail polish collection page.... i purged 15 bottles! O_O
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october 02, 2023

my domain's server did some updates, so the updates script broke, and there was some downtime while nameservers were updated! we're back up now thankfully

september 29, 2023

joined two cliques and applied to be listed at cafe rosa!

july 29, 2023

i realized i forgot to credit someone for their assets, so the credits page has been updated! it also seems my iframes were broken, so those have been fixed. oops...

july 05, 2023

new comment in the q&a, so that's been updated! also went link spelunking and updated my fave sites and the button wall!

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