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june 08, 2023

so... the majority of sg was down for a little while. the tl;dr is it's back now! woohoo!

for anyone interested in the technical back-end, i prefer to host a lot of this site separately from neocities, which links it with my personal domain. i do this to keep this site as a part of my network proper, to save space on neocities' server, and so that some pages aren't pushed on the neocities timeline when i update them. i don't have a subdomain linked with neocities because i can't afford the monthly fee for it. incidentally the reason i switched hosts was due to rising costs. go figure. but, anyway... this meant that because i switched hosts, while the primary was down, sg was also down

everything should be stable now, and ya girl shouldn't be as broke uwu

for content updates, it's all about me. (the narcissism was on accident, i swear!) i updated my nail polish collection, 2023 scrapbook, and added a link to wishlists (ie, where you can support me... if u want to...) on my profile
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may 26, 2023

the notes page was pretty outdated and there was a coding error on it, so that's been fixed! i also applied to join the null webring, and it's widget has been added to joined
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may 21, 2023

boy howdy was this a Tough one. my domain host forcibly updated the php version on all of my sites, no warning and no permission. this means a Lot broke across all of my sites. all of my updates scripts, all of my fanlistings, the guestbook, counter scripts, some of my tcg stuff... i genuinely can't even get an accurate estimate of how much was completely broken by this change because it was that much. my best description is "everything was fucked"

tl;dr i did manage to get things rolled back so they're working for now, but i'm going to be switching hosts and no longer recommend dreamhost for these purposes because they're too expensive for the problems they cause ($20/mo??? nty)

for front-end updates, updates in themselves should now display, i answered a question in the q&a, updated my scrapbook, updated my thrifting finds page, and added a new personal diy page
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may 15, 2023

added a few codes to the coding snippets page! snippets include how to add notes to your coding, and styling images with css!
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april 12, 2023

phew! i added a tutorial on how to use custom fonts on websites, and since it was in answer to a question i got on the q&a, that was updated too lol. i also updated my fave links, and added a button wall with a ton of links!

march 18, 2023

added some things to my thrifting finds page!

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